Upcoming Events:


*February 23-27th - National Junior Championships - Kansas City, MO

*American Opens Series 1 - March 16-19th - Reno, NV

*National University Championships - April 6-9th - Gainesville, FL

*National Championships - May 11-14th - Chicago, IL

*National Youth Championships - June 22-25th - Atlanta, GA

*Praelium - July 1st & 2nd - Jacksonville, FL

*American Open Series - July 27th - 30th - Miami, FL

*Tampa Bay Classic - September 2nd - Tampa, FL

*Bay St Barbell Bash - October 14th - Jacksonville, FL

*American Open Championships - December 7th - 10th - Anaheim, CA

2018 Schedule:

  • National Junior Championships - February 15th - 18th - Spokane, WA

As we build our event calendar, you  will find more important dates and events on this page. We would love to invite you personally. Please contact us to get involved or just to stay informed. We promise not to bombard your inbox or spam you! Pinky swear!